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You have worked your entire life to create the building blocks of a financial legacy. At Essex Trust, we work with you and your professional advisors to strengthen and enhance the foundation upon which your financial building blocks are placed, protecting your financial legacy well into the future. While many trust companies offer similar products and services, we have committed our best resource — our people— to both our clients and communities. Our core competencies are in the areas of trust administration and estate settlement, and our mission is to offer the most substantive fiduciary services in the industry.

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Our services allow you to maintain your trusted advisors whose long-term relationships are so important to the comfort of the family.

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Useful information for those seeking a trustee, and for financial advisors looking to better serve their clients.

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When it comes to you and your family, we use the depth of experience of our professionals to provide clients with continuous counsel in the areas of estate and financial planning, wealth management, and trust administration. You’ve built your financial legacy over a successful lifetime of smart financial decisions. With Essex Trust at your side, your financial legacy will be both nurtured and protected while sailing through all of life’s calm and rough seas.

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The year was 1851. Millard Fillmore was president of the United States, much of the West was still a wild frontier. The Connecticut River, in its heyday, was the center for ship building and international commerce.

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