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Review Your Plan

Trust & Estate Planning Consultation

Essex Trust can conduct a review of your estate and financial plan to help you evaluate whether your current plan will provide for your heirs and whether assets will transfer in a seamless, tax-efficient manner. We will help you consider asset protection strategies, uncover tax mitigation opportunities and fund philanthropic interests, all in consultation with your tax and legal advisors.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you develop a plan to efficiently transfer your wealth and protect your legacy for your heirs.

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Lighten the Burden

Financial Management & Bill-Pay

For those of our current clients who encounter challenges that make handling routine financial transactions difficult, Essex Trust can step in to lighten the burden. From paying routine bills and household expenses to coordinating with tax and legal advisors for filing of important tax and other documents, support services from Essex Trust for financial management and bill-pay give our clients and their loved ones piece of mind that important things won’t fall through the cracks.

Agency Services

  • Arrange for the custody and safekeeping of assets
  • Collection and remittance of income and principal
  • Detailed and timely monthly statements and customized reporting
  • Arrange for the execution of purchase and sale of securities
  • Year-end reports
  • Consolidated statements for multiple accounts

Escrow Services

For certain commercial transactions, Essex Trust can serve as escrow agent when an escrow account arrangement is required. Serving as escrow agent, the professionals at Essex Trust will ensure that distributions under the escrow agreement are made according to the terms and conditions of the agreement with fairness and impartiality.

  • Quick escrow account activation
  • Agreement review to confirm roles and responsibilities
  • Detailed and timely monthly statements and customized reporting
  • Simplified distribution process
  • Form 1099 tax reporting
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